We travel a lot. If I go away and don’t bring the Greenboard, I miss it. Luckily, it’s very light, tough, and portable. I haven’t had any of my chronic back problems since I started using it. Every morning when I’m in the kitchen I’m standing on it, working the spots. I’m giving one to everybody in my family this Christmas.
~ E. Phelps

What could be worse than finding out I had breast cancer? Being told that I should start chemotherapy. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of blasting all cells, good and bad, with toxic chemicals. Rather than accept this treatment plan, I dove head first into researching alternatives. What I uncovered made much more sense to me. By “cleaning” out my organs and immune system I would be allowing them to better do their job and at the same time create an environment in which cancer wouldn’t want to grow or exist. The green board has been an integral part of my healing journey. I changed my diet and walk on the board everyday. I lost excess weight, increased my energy level, cleared up my skin, and know I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. It absolutely helped change my life. And so far so good; I am one year cancer free.
~ S. Emens

After a few weeks and in the beginning stages of reflexology, I learned about the “green board”.  When I discovered there was something I could do on my own, I was thrilled.  I took it with me everywhere and used it every morning and evening.  The benefits were amazing.  One time I was out of town and not adjusting well to the temperature and climate.  I began to get sick and unable to sleep.  I remember pulling out my green board and walking on it, trying to get into every spot.  Was it uncomfortable?  Most definitely!  But did it work? Absolutely!!  After about 15 minutes, I laid down and went right to sleep.  Guess what my family got for their special days that year?  The Green Reflexology Board!  I have it and I still use it.  It works great.
~ D. Estell

I am a 7 year breast cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 7 years ago I decided to approach my health from a holistic perspective.  Thanks to a holistic approach my health is better than I dreamed possible.  Part of my holistic plan is to walk on my reflexology board.  I am grateful for my health.
~ L. Vidal

As a cook, I am and have been on my feet and legs all day for years. My legs get tired in my now middle-age and my feet hurt if I do not wear proper old man shoes for support. I have 2 boards. One is always either by my bed, in the shower, under my desk for even when i sit or in the kitchen. I hop on and off for a minute or two regularly. At night it helps to also ease restless legs after a few moments standing on it. You want the power to levitate while standing on it but feel like you are cloud walking when you get off and it is helping to keep the elderly shoe fashions out of my closet for a few more years yet.
~ J. Davis